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string(20) "Sunday,+September+19"

Sunday, September 19

string(18) "Good+Conversation+"

Good Conversation

string(351) "Your+powers+of+persuasion+are+unmatched,+you+enjoy+conversations+and+make+a+convincing+supporter+of+people+with+whom+you+are+close.+Consequently,+you+can+be+an+important+go-between+in+situations+that+require+your+intervention.+Involvement+in+such+matters+may+inspire+you+to+keep+a+diary+which+is+a+great+way+of+improving+your+creative+writing+skills.+"

Your powers of persuasion are unmatched, you enjoy conversations and make a convincing supporter of people with whom you are close. Consequently, you can be an important go-between in situations that require your intervention. Involvement in such matters may inspire you to keep a diary which is a great way of improving your creative writing skills.

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