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Tempat untuk memasukkan tarikh lahir

string(16) "Thursday,+May+30"

Thursday, May 30

string(9) "Wishlist+"


string(360) "Postpone+shopping+trips,+especially+those+concerning+expensive+items+you+might+easily+pay+too+much+for+or+do+not+fully+appreciate+the+risk+attached+to+the+purchase+that+may+result.+The+same+principle+holds+true+concerning+other+aspirations+you+have,+the+ultimate+price+you+pay+may+turn+out+to+be+far+too+high,+with+you+acting+in+such+a+rash+and+impulsive+way.+"

Postpone shopping trips, especially those concerning expensive items you might easily pay too much for or do not fully appreciate the risk attached to the purchase that may result. The same principle holds true concerning other aspirations you have, the ultimate price you pay may turn out to be far too high, with you acting in such a rash and impulsive way.

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