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string(18) "Friday,+December+2"

Friday, December 2

string(22) "Pleasant+negotiations+"

Pleasant negotiations

string(334) "Pleasant,+composed+and+generous+in+your+dealings+with+others,+be+careful+when+striving+to+be+as+fair-minded+as+possible,+that+you+don’t+concede+too+much+ground+and+later+regret+it.+Your+diplomatic+approach+wins+out+in+the+end,+and+others+learn+to+appreciate+and+respect+the+way+you+conduct+yourself,+and+they+repay+your+generosity.+"

Pleasant, composed and generous in your dealings with others, be careful when striving to be as fair-minded as possible, that you don?t concede too much ground and later regret it. Your diplomatic approach wins out in the end, and others learn to appreciate and respect the way you conduct yourself, and they repay your generosity.

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