Tempat untuk memasukkan tarikh lahir

string(22) "Wednesday,+November+13"

Wednesday, November 13

string(12) "Provocation+"


string(363) "Everybody+appears+to+conspire+against+you.+You’re+easily+aggravated,+especially+when+people+intentionally+keep+things+from+you.+In+any+case+react+calmly+to+this+type+of+conduct+otherwise+you+run+the+risk+of+arguments+getting+totally+out+of+hand+and+escalating+into+all-out+war.+Remain+patient,+trust+that+everything+looks+different+when+it’s+revisited+again.+"

Everybody appears to conspire against you. You’re easily aggravated, especially when people intentionally keep things from you. In any case react calmly to this type of conduct otherwise you run the risk of arguments getting totally out of hand and escalating into all-out war. Remain patient, trust that everything looks different when it’s revisited again.

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