Horoskop harian saya - Leo - Decanate Kedua

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string(16) "Monday,+August+3"

Monday, August 3

string(26) "Confronted+with+new+ideas+"

Confronted with new ideas

string(347) "Be+sensible+about+new+ideas+and+the+risks+involved.+There+is+only+a+slight+difference+between+a+risk+taker+and+someone+who+appears+to+be+arrogant.+Hold+your+nerve,+and+you+receive+encouragement+and+support+from+those+close+to+you.+Unusual+ideas+suggested+by+your+partner+may+supply+the+answers+you+need+to+reveal+an+entirely+new+side+of+yourself.+"

Be sensible about new ideas and the risks involved. There is only a slight difference between a risk taker and someone who appears to be arrogant. Hold your nerve, and you receive encouragement and support from those close to you. Unusual ideas suggested by your partner may supply the answers you need to reveal an entirely new side of yourself.

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