Horoskop harian saya - Leo - Decanate Kedua

Tempat untuk memasukkan tarikh lahir

string(20) "Sunday,+September+24"

Sunday, September 24

string(13) "Fundamentals+"


string(347) "Don’t+underestimate+the+pleasure+of+a+candlelit+evening+or+breakfast+in+bed.+Spending+disproportionate+amounts+of+money+on+luxury+items+does+not+always+result+in+the+corresponding+amount+of+pleasure.+A+journey+to+the+countryside+helps+you+find+what+you+need,+reminding+you+of+what’s+important+in+life+and+what’s+good+for+your+body+and+soul.+"

Don?t underestimate the pleasure of a candlelit evening or breakfast in bed. Spending disproportionate amounts of money on luxury items does not always result in the corresponding amount of pleasure. A journey to the countryside helps you find what you need, reminding you of what?s important in life and what?s good for your body and soul.

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