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Tempat untuk memasukkan tarikh lahir

string(16) "Tuesday,+June+18"

Tuesday, June 18

string(19) "Family+differences+"

Family differences

string(363) "Your+family+life+is+a+little+more+stressful+than+usual+and+your+frame+of+mind+aggravates+the+situation.+It's+not+a+good+time+to+make+a+positive+impression+on+people.+Nevertheless+remaining+patient,+you+get+through+this+phase.+Look+after+your+well-being,+keep+up+recreational+activities+or+regular+exercise,+a+good+dietary+regime+helps+maintain+a+healthy+outlook.+"

Your family life is a little more stressful than usual and your frame of mind aggravates the situation. It's not a good time to make a positive impression on people. Nevertheless remaining patient, you get through this phase. Look after your well-being, keep up recreational activities or regular exercise, a good dietary regime helps maintain a healthy outlook.

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