Tempat untuk memasukkan tarikh lahir

string(18) "Monday,+October+21"

Monday, October 21

string(20) "Unexpected+problems+"

Unexpected problems

string(343) "Unplanned+for+problems+are+approaching,+and+you’re+finding+it+rather+more+difficult+than+you+expect+to+get+down+to+solving+these+difficulties.+Do+not+despair,+consider+alternative+answers.+Also,+think+about+just+how+badly+you+are+affected+by+these+problems.+Indeed,+it’s+best+if+you+just+wait,+to+see+if+these+problems+resolve+themselves.+"

Unplanned for problems are approaching, and you’re finding it rather more difficult than you expect to get down to solving these difficulties. Do not despair, consider alternative answers. Also, think about just how badly you are affected by these problems. Indeed, it’s best if you just wait, to see if these problems resolve themselves.

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