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string(18) "Saturday,+April+13"

Saturday, April 13

string(18) "Unrealistic+goals+"

Unrealistic goals

string(354) "Your+normal+go-getting+ways+aren’t+realistic.+On+other+occasions,+they+may+be+appropriate,+but+currently,+you’re+inclined+to+put+off+activities+and+let+your+time+idly+pass.+With+such+an+indifferent+attitude,+you’re+unlikely+to+feel+very+satisfied+and+unsurprisingly+your+attempts+to+find+gratification+lead+to+some+less+than+pleasant+consequences.+"

Your normal go-getting ways aren?t realistic. On other occasions, they may be appropriate, but currently, you?re inclined to put off activities and let your time idly pass. With such an indifferent attitude, you?re unlikely to feel very satisfied and unsurprisingly your attempts to find gratification lead to some less than pleasant consequences.

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